Lab Members

The Adipose Stem Cell Research Lab hosts many students, including medical students, graduate and undergraduate; also, the lab welcomes research fellows, post doctoral candidates, visiting scholars and research faculty.  Our current lab members:



Department of Plastic Surgery photographed at the main entrance to Scaife Hall, Monday, June 22, 2015. 209963Kacey Marra, PhD

J. Peter Rubin, MD


Lauren Kokai, PhD


Liyong Zhang, PhD

Liyong Zhang

Research Fellows:

Jacqueline Bliley, MS

Gabriella DiBernardo, BS

Damian Grybowski, MD

Isaac James, MD

Matthias Waldner, MD

Sheri Wang, BS

Graduate Students:

Arta Kelmendi-Doko, MD, MS

Christopher Mahoney, MS

Mayara Silva, MD

Peng Chang, MD

Laboratory Technician:

Ryan Schroth, BS


Kassandra O’Brien, BS – medical student

Aaron Dees

Eva Gershowitz

Taraneh Jones

Casey McBride

Ana Taylor

Casey Thompkins-Rhoades

Malik Snowden


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